Thursday, July 5, 2012

Pie Chart --- Optional arguments of "\psChart"

Now we come to examine the optional arguments of command "\psChart". The following table lists the special options belong to "\psChart".

name description default value
chartSep distance from the pie chart center to an outraged pie piece 10pt
chartColor gray or color gray
usercolor a comma separated list of user defined colors for the pie pieces encloed with { } { }
chartNodeI the position of the inner node, relative to the radius 0.75
chartNodeO the position of the outer node, relative to the radius 1.5

With these arguments we can plot a outstanding pie chart.

    %Pie chart
    %The Label for the outraged piece
                        {\large The Most}
    %The legends

Fig.1 An advanced practical example of pie chart plotting

Files downloads: tex ps pdf

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