Saturday, February 4, 2012

More options on pstricks plotting (2)

When a Logarithmic scale graph is plot, "x(y)logBase=num|empty", and "logLines=none|x|y|all" are useful. The first one controls the logBse of corresponding axes. The later one controls the log grid line.

Let us plot a logarithmic scale graph to shown how these options are used.

    {0}{6}{0.5 x mul}
    {1}{6}{x log 4 mul}

Fig.1 Plotting Logarithmic scale graph using Pstricks.

Options "nStep, nStart, nEnd, xStep, XStart, xEnd, yStart, yEnd" controls the plot range.

By default the plot macros expect x|y data records, but when data files contains more than one y value, like:
x y1 y2 ... yMax
x y1 y2 ... yMax
one can select the column to be plotted using "plotNo" and "PlotNoMax". "plotNo=num" tells pst-plot to plot the num-th y-column. "plotNoMax" tells pst-plot how many y-column are present.

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