Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Some basic graph objects in pstricks (4) ---- Curves

There are several commands for curve drawing in Pstricks. "\psbezier" draws a Bezier curve, "\parabola" draws a parabola, and "\pscurve", "psecurve", "psccurve" interpolate curves through the given points. In the following they will be introduced one by one.

Bezier curve is really a set of curves (Linear Bezier curve, Quadratic Bezier curve, Cubic bezier curve ...). The Bezier curve in Pstricks is cubic Bezier curve. And to to determine a cubic Bezier curve four control points are needed ("How to draw a cubic Bezier curve according to four given points" can be found in Wikipedia). So the complete form of "\psbezier" is "\psbezier [parameters] {arrowtype} (x0,y0)(x1,y1)(x2,y2),(x2,y3)".

"\parabola [parameters] {arrowtype} (x0,y0)(x1,y1)" draws a parabola with maximum or minimum (x1,y1) staring from (x0,y0).

"\pscurve [parameters] {arrowtype} (x1,y1)...(xn,yn)" interpolates an open curve through the given points. "\psecurve" is similar to "\pscurve" except that the curve is not extend to the first and last points. "\psccurve" draws a closed curve.

The curvature of a curve is controlled by the parameter "curvature".

Now we use these commands to draw several curves.

      curvature=0.5 0.1 0]

Fig.1 Draw Curves using Pstricks
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